About me


The founder and initiator of the Museum is Dirk Schulz, born 1967. Besides his job as an Air Traffic Controller for the US Army, he was always very interested in history – especially the period 1920 – 1945. Already as a child he interviewed his grandparents how things were in the old days. After High School and an apprentice ship as an electronic Technician he joined the NATO Luftwaffe at Ramstein Airbase (4 ATAF) as an Air Traffic Controller. From here he travelled to many other posts like the NCISS NATO Com School at Latina, Italy, SHAPE Belgium and the Netherlands.

After 9 years he got out of the military, studying Medical engineering at Heidelberg and English (translator). After graduation he decided to go back to aviation and worked at different airports like Baden Airport and Frankfurt International Airport. An offer to work for the US Army as an Air Traffic Controller came in handy. After being stationed at Heidelberg and Mannheim he is now working at Wiesbaden Airfield.

Dirk Schulz wrote books on:

-          the History of Coleman Army Airfield aka Fliegerhorst Sandhofen

-          WW2 Town chronicle of Brühl

-          WW2 Town chronicle of Neulussheim

Book on the first Iron Cross Holder of Mannheim, Heinz Bretnütz