About the Museum

This unique Museum is located in an original WW2 air raid bunker. What better place could I have found for this kind of Museum. For many years I had researched the local Mannheim area WW2 history, wrote WW2 Town chronicles and since I was lucky to work on Coleman Army Airfield which is the former WW2 Luftwaffe Fliegerhorst Sandhofen, became also the historian there. I started to dig into its history and wrote a book on it ( Fliegerhorst Sandhofen / Coleman Barracks, an Airfield thru changes of time).

Having now a huge collection of artifacts and knowledge, it was time to spread the wealth. So the idea came up to establish a Museum. The local hometown Museum of Sandhofen encouraged and supported me.

Close by the hometown museum the Bunker was found and after 2! year negotiations with the town of Mannheim, the bunker was rented to us.

Many things had to be changed: e.g. Fire exits had to be built, 1000m cable was run, about 1500 screws drilled in, the floor was renewed and painted and many, many lamps were installed.

Finally after working for about 2 years, almost every morning from 5-7 am in the bunker and afterwards to regular work, the Museum was opened! A dream for me to come true!!

The grand opening was on December 17th 2011 with many high ranking town officials, politicians and many visitors.

The exhibition is divided in 4 general parts :

1- airships (Zeppelin) of Schütte Lanz

2- World War 1

3- Third Reich

4- US Army Garrison Mannheim 1945-2015

From then on many visitors came thru the museum. Also many school classes make field trips to the museum to learn and understand how and what happened in those days. A better hands on is hard to find. The founder of the Museum, Dirk Schulz, itself will do guided tours on request, dressed up in an WW2 Air Raid Warden Uniform.

Come and dive into a very interesting time!